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Notice: Update on the Distribution of Net Settlement Funds.

The Court has approved the distribution of the net settlement funds to eligible Court-approved Claimants who qualified for an award under the Plan of Allocation. A distribution of funds has occurred on the following dates:

November 2021

January 2021

October 2018

If you submitted a Claim in this case and have any questions related to that Claim, please contact the Claims Administrator whose contact information is listed here below:

Altisource Securities Litigation
P.O. Box 10361
Dublin, OH 43017–5561
(888) 320-9983

This is a securities class action (the “Action”) pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (the “Court”). The Action was brought by investors alleging, among other things, that Defendants violated the federal securities laws by making materially false and misleading statements regarding the nature of the relationship and business dealings between Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. (“Altisource”), a provider of support and technology services for mortgage loan servicing, and Ocwen Financial Corporation, the largest nonbank mortgage servicer in the country and Altisource’s former parent.

On May 30, 2017, the Court granted final approval of the Settlement of this Action reached by the Court-appointed Lead Plaintiffs the Pension Fund for the Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35 and the Annuity Fund for the Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35 (“Lead Plaintiffs” or the “Painters Funds”), on behalf of themselves and the Settlement Class (defined below), for $32,000,000 in cash (the “Settlement”).

The Settlement Class consists of:

all persons or entities who or which purchased or otherwise acquired Altisource common stock during the period from April 25, 2013 through December 21, 2014, inclusive (the “Class Period”), and were damaged thereby, except for certain persons and entities who are excluded from the Settlement Class by definition (see paragraph 26 of the Settlement Notice).

Please read the Settlement Notice to fully understand your rights and options. The Settlement Notice can be found on the menu at the left of this page.

The claims filing deadline passed on July 11, 2017.

On October 23, 2018, the initial distribution occurred, and payments were made to Court approved Class Members.